For students

I've lectured for courses such as:

  • Fondamenti di Informatica Laboratorio (Dept. of Engineering and Computers Science, University of Pavia, Italy);

  • Molecular Simulations (Master in Bioinformatics for Health Sciences, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain);

  • High Performance Computing (Master in Bioinformatics for Health Sciences, UPF);

  • Fonts i tecnologies de la informació (Biologia Humana, UPF); well as a number of PhD-oriented seminars, e.g. on...

  • Markov models for biomolecular simulations;

  • AI in drug discovery and proteomics;

  • Statistical learning;

  • Software for analysis of molecular trajectories.

I am happy to supervise qualified undergraduate (laurea triennale e specialistica) and PhD (dottorato) students willing to work on computation-based projects. Mentoring will take place in collaboration with your academic advisor ("relatore") at your home institution.

Projects are currently available in the following research areas (inquire for details):

  • Statistical learning algorithms and their application in biomolecular simulations, computational chemistry, and other big data sets.

  • Adaptation of biostatistical algorithms and models, with their application to, e.g., disease progression, survival prediction, and motion analysis.

What's required:

  • A degree-in-the-making: students of engineering, physics, and chemistry and biology (as long as you have an interest in quantitative and computational aspects) courses will usually find interesting and challenging projects.

  • A reasonable knowledge of computer programming and of the English language.

  • A professor in your institution supporting the project ("relatore interno").

What's offered:

  • You will be developing analysis methods with the aim to contribute to actual, ongoing research and scholarly papers.

  • We'll collaborate with Italian or foreign institutions, depending on your interest, topic, and availability of data.