GNU utilities on Android, without rooting the device (obsolete)

Post date: Oct 23, 2012 10:03:52 AM

Note: GNURoot obsoleted the information below.


Ubuntu noroot is a preliminary package that will provide a full Debian environment with package management.

The system is not very usable as-it-is. For one, it runs in VNC and X11. It can however be coerced into a proper text-only system. Here's how to do it (approximately).

  • Install the package
  • Install the Android Terminal Emulator
  • Now we need to break out of the chroot environment and chmod a+rwx everything, so
    • From the X11 screen, run /bin/bash in terminal to get a shell
    • chmod -R a+rwx /data/data/*

When you want to use the textmode environment,

  • Start the android terminal emulator
  • cd /data/data/com.cuntubuntu/files
  • ./ bin/sh bin/sh
  • bash

This works because the "terminal emulator" user now has rwx access of the debian system. Note that apt-get only works on some packages. In the meanwhile, use this workaround

  • dpkg-deb -x <packagename.deb> /